Work & Life Consultancy

Work & Life Consultancy is a blend of existential counselling and executive coaching. It can help with …

  • career development
  • leadership skills
  • work/life balance
  • changing direction
  • managing conflict
  • achieving professional goals

Whether you are facing a challenging time, wishing to improve your way of working, develop your career in a new direction or find more time for yourself, structured and purposeful dialogue with a qualified professional can help you.

“Transformation comes more from pursuing profound questions than seeking practical answers” Peter Block

What it is
It is based on existential philosophy which is concerned with how to live well, how to make the most of our possibilities and how to approach life’s challenges.

It is a mix of practical, strategic and reflective work which may be supported by the use of psychometrics and can include tangible activities such as developing a new CV and interview practice.

Sessions are confidential conversations, focused on agreed goals and grounded in actual experiences and current issues. While past events may be explored for their relevance to the current situation the tense is ‘the present becoming the future’. It is forward looking.

Work & Life Consultancy works directly on your chosen areas and goals, and indirectly through exploration of your ‘self’ and your way of being.

How it works
Exploration of the ‘self’ is central to Work & Life Consultancy. This is the key to lasting change.

Clarification of who you are, your values and beliefs, your way of relating to others, and how these things impact your world can evoke empowering insights. This leads to greater self-awareness and more accurate assessment of your possibilities and limitations, and where and how you can act to change things.

Identifying the choices and freedom that exist even in highly pressured work environments leads to more authentic choices about how to live, work and relate to others, and so to a ‘win-win’ outcome for everyone.

Work & Life Consultancy typically involves two hour meetings once a month for six to twelve months. Some clients choose to meet more often over a shorter period.