Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy can help with a range of issues such as:

• anxiety, depression, stress
• low self esteem
• bereavement
• relationship difficulties
• feelings of isolation
• loss of direction
• feelings of meaninglessness

People often start therapy during a life crisis such as divorce, bereavement, illness or job loss when they feel ‘at sea’ and suddenly unsure how to make sense of things and how to proceed.

It is a confidential conversation with a professional listener who provides support, encouragement and constructive challenge.

If you had told me what my problems were it wouldn’t have worked, I needed to find out for myself – with you there, us exploring together”

It helps you think things through and gain new perspectives. It enables you to evaluate your options and see a way forward. In turn you can find renewed purpose and zest for life and be restored to well-being.

“The surprising thing has been breaking down the amorphous mass of yuk into component parts that I could think about rather than just feeling ‘I’ve been done over’ and ‘I’ve lost my family’.  I was falling into depression but now am experiencing little moments of joy.” 

Sessions are focused on current issues in your life and your hopes for the future. While past events may be explored for their relevance to the current situation the tense is ‘the present becoming the future’. It is forward looking.

Sessions are usually an hour once a week. Duration can be open ended or time-limited to an agreed number of sessions.