Client references

Public sector leader
A mature public sector leader who had felt stale at work and wanted to review his direction whilst also coming to terms with bereavement. He found coaching enabled him to clarify his own purposes, revive his sense of joy in life and in turn enhanced his effectiveness at work.

“This has been very much about ‘self’. Over the weeks trust, security and a sense of freedom has allowed me to explore areas, ideas and thoughts which initially seemed far from the objectives and aspirations of the organisation. In reality by being able to bring into the open these thoughts and actions it has enabled me to self relate which has sharpened my perception about self.

The knock on is that it allows me to make more informed decisions about the objectives of the organisation and its personnel to such an extent that benefits can be seen in the direction of the organisation, self and group achievements and interpersonal relationships. 

I would recommend this to anyone who has the guts to be honest in this secure and safe environment!”

Charity director
A newly appointed director who wanted to introduce changes in culture and working practices and felt unsure of his ‘people skills’. He found coaching gave him confidence and reassurance that he could manage this challenge, in his own way.

“I especially value the opportunity to talk about work issues and my emotional response to them in a non-peer, confidential context. The fact that I am not in competition with colleagues or being evaluated by my superiors means this is the one place I can be completely honest. While it might seem selfish, Diana is there entirely for me. While she is objective, she does not directly know the situations we discuss and is therefore not obliged to take ‘both sides of the issue’ or harbour some vested interest.

In this context it is most helpful to have someone reflect back to you what they’re hearing and perhaps suggest alternative perspectives. I appreciate the wide range of coaching Diana offers – from helping me to identify good working practices, to drawing on the results of psychometric tests etc. Talking through work-related issues often provides me with the confidence and reassurance that I really can tackle them adequately.

I always find our sessions affirming and come away feeling better about my ability to deal with people and problems”.