I offer two approaches to exploring your life and resolving dilemmas, both provide confidential support, constructive challenge and new perspectives to help you understand yourself more clearly, evaluate your options and create a happier life.

Counselling & Psychotherapy – Focuses on personal issues, life crises and dilemmas.

“I feel more alive, more accepting of myself and others, and better equipped to deal with life … I’m surprised how much it has helped!”

Work & Life Consultancy – Focuses on work related issues, career development and work/life balance.

“Exploring my inner self has shown how I can work with problems and people in much better ways … I feel much clearer about my strengths and future direction”

As a professional in both business and psychotherapy I provide a comprehensive service encompassing both personal and work counselling. As a philosopher, I aim to help you learn new ways to think about and deal with life’s challenges in future.